Welcome to Francophone Africa: beyond archives. Bienvenue sur le site du projet l’Afrique francophone : au-delà des archives. Nous espérons que ce message vous trouve sain et sauf. We hope you are staying safe and well. The site is devoted to exploring how ideas about gender, both from the colonial past and in the present, shape and determine life chances in regions of West Africa formerly under French colonial occupation. We discuss how gender injustice survives into the present day. Teachers are invited to explore materials on the site, in French and English, with students from secondary level to university. Scholars are invited to access the unique collection of research and archival resources in the research sections of the site.
News for researchers and professionals: our government-funded Global Challenges Research project on falling literacy levels among girls in the war zones of francophone Africa is accessible under Gender and Literacy on the RESEARCH page. The data examined at the recent Institute for Modern Languages Research training seminar in London are uploaded in the Gender & Literacy zone. We seek out the latest data and highlight outdated and unchecked data for comment.
While are own live events are suspended we are posting on related events and decolonising initiatives.